Welcome to Nourish Me Simply!

Stuart Miles. 10094977. Free Digital Photos; 2012. Available from: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Other_Health_and_Bea_g278-Eat_Diet_Keys_p94977.html

Source: Stuart Miles. 10094977. Free Digital Photos; 2012.


I’m really excited to be starting Nourish Me Simply. I have always loved writing. Blogging seemed the next logical step to marry this love of writing with my other passion, nutrition.

Nutrition articles in newspapers definitely played a major part in me deciding that I wanted to become a dietitian as a teenager. I remember hearing about the health benefits of olive oil, and eagerly adding extra olive oil when eating tuna, canned in oil, and pasta (don’t try this at home, kids!). One time, I heard that eating black pepper and green tea at the same sitting boosted your metabolism, and guess what I tried soon after? (!) I eagerly read about the nutritional benefits of individual foods, but then couldn’t quite work out how to include them in my everyday diet. If blueberries were full of antioxidants and garlic was good for blood pressure, did that mean that these two foods should now become the mainstay of my diet?

You see, reading about nutrition in popular press often opens up a can of worms. What starts out as a simple interest in doing right by one’s body, can all-too-easily morph into overwhelming confusion. Depending on your personality, this seems to often lead to either anxious, hyper restrictive eating, or feelings of apathy- “We’re all going to die one day anyway”. The truth is, nutrition for the average, healthy person IS simple. It’s not about individual ‘super’ foods being a panacea, or that one spoon of ice cream giving you a heart attack- it’s your whole dietary pattern that matters. There is strong evidence that what’s best for you is eating a mainly plant-based diet, with plenty of fruits, vegetables and legumes (beans) and moderate amounts of fish, dairy and nuts.

At Nourish Me Simply, I aim to look at different aspects of nutrition- including scientific studies featured in the popular press, health conditions, diets, healthy eating across different cultures, you name it! And in all that, live up to the central theme of this blog:

Keeping nutrition SIMPLE.